Bande Originale (2016)

Self release
Originally released digitally
Released on November 19

Trumpet/flugel horn: Noel Langley, Yazz Ahmed, Lance Kelly
Flutes/sax: Pat Clahar, Kate Robertson
Bass clarinet/baritone sax: Mick Foster, Ben Castle
Trombone/bass trombone: Pete Beachill, Becky Smith
French horn: Dave Lee, Clare Moss

Drums: George Hart
Congas, percussion: Jody Linscott
Guitars: Tim Cansfield
Double bass: Dan Swana
Bass guitar: Michael Bailey
Piano, Rhodes, vibraphone, Fender bass: Andy Connell
Tambourine: Corinne Drewery
Horn arrangements by Noel Langley. Recorded by Frank Cameli at Sphere Studios, London

Almost Persuaded (2017)

Self release
Originally released in digital format
Released on November 10

Corinne Drewery – /Lead vocals/
Gina Foster – /Additional vocals/
Andy Connell – /Piano, keyboards, Fender bass, vibraphone/
Tim Cansfield – /Guitars/
Jody Linscott – /Congas, percussion/
George Hart – /Drums/
Noel Langley, Yazz Ahmed, Lance Kelly – /Trumpet, flugel horn/
Pete Beachill, Becky Smith – /Trombone/
Clare Moss, Dave Lee – /French horn/
Kate Robertson, Pat Clahar – /Flute, saxophone/
Mick Foster, Ben Castle – /Bass clarinet, baritone sax/
Dan Swana – /Double bass/

Mix Engineer – Yvonne Ellis
Mastered by Peter Beckmann at Technology Works
Sleeve photography – Gersende Giorgio
Layout & design – Vicki Shields

Private View (2010)

Self released
Released on November 24

Produced by Andy Connell

All songs written by Connell/Drewery except tracks:-2. Connell/Drewery/O'Duffy, 4. Bell/Hart, 6. Record/Saunders.
Corinne Drewery - Voice, Andy Connell - Piano, Gina Foster - Voice, Tim Cansfield - Guitar, Jody Linscott - Drums & Percussion, Dan Swana - Double Bass, Noel Langley - Flugelhorn

Fabulous Party photos by Jody Linscott.

Management - Jamie Spencer, Contact: SOS Limited Edition. Not for resale.

EnhancedCD featuring:

1. Now You're Not Here (Taj Calder Instrumental)
2. Konky Mama
3. Fabulous Party

Filmed by Gersende Giorgio

CD was originally distributed by Andy Connell directly via web. This limited edition release was hand signed by Corinne and Andy. In 2012, Swing Out Sister re-released this album as a commercial release which includes all of their previous songs with 2 additional tracks.

Les Etrangers (2009)

Self released
Released on January 1

No liner notes are included in the sleeve originally released directly by Swing Out Sister. Original track listing on the sleeve lists the number 18 twice for "Erica In The Airvents" and "Dining Room Aria."

All tracks produced by Andy Connell.

Note: This album is the soundtrack to ITV's "The Outsiders" pilot episode which aired October 3rd 2006. The show never made it past the pilot episode.

Swing Out Sister originally made this album available via web. This limited edition release was hand signed by Corinne and Andy.

Beautiful Mess (2008)

CD - Shanachie 5776 (US)
Released on February 27

Originally released in Japan. Subsequent releases followed later in August 8 2008 (UK) and March 3 2009 (SE.) It eventually hit the US on May 19 2009.

No liner notes are included in the sleeve originally released directly by Swing Out Sister. Note: The original CD sleeve contains a typo directing the site to instead of

A special double disc version of "Beautiful Mess" was released in March 2009 which includes their previous release "Live In Tokyo."

The US release (May 2009) contains two additional tracks, Something Every Day (Late Night Studio Take) and Breakout (Late Night Studio Take) with a minor track list change. Something Everyday (Little Wizard Mix) and Butterfly (Little Wizard Mix) have been flipped for this release. The audio player above reflects the US track order.

Notes from the retail release:

Swing Out Sister are Corinne Drewery and Andy Connell
All tracks writeen by Andy Connell / Corinne Drewery except
Butterfly, Something Every Day & My State of Mind written by
Andy Connell / Corinne Drewery / Gina Foster
Secret Love (You're Invisible) written by Hajime Uchiyama / Corrine Drewery

Corinne Drewery - lead vocals
Andy Connell - musical arrangement
With a little help from our friends...
Gina Foster and the Champagnettes - all additional vocals
Tim Cansfield - guitars
Jody Linscott - percussion
Gersende Giorgio - vocals

Produced and mixed by Andy Connell
Mastered by David Millward
Recorded and mixed at Aurora Studios, London

Management Jamie Spencer at Liberation Management
Photography by James Martin
Sleeve design by Yoshiaki Kayaki

Thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way, including Gersende Giorgio for good vibes and advice, Gina Foster for time and love, Jamie Spencer, Kaz Utsunomiya, all at Avex Japan including Sig Fujita, Hidehiro Ishii, Akiko Ihara, Asako Tsuchiya, Risa Uzushiri

All tracks copyright control

Live In Tokyo (2005)

Released on April 3

(Released during the 2005 tour at the Jazz Cafe.) Retail release was on August 23 2005

Produced by Andy Connell & David Millward
Swing Out Sister 2005 *

Vocals: Corinne Drewery
Backup vocals: Dee Clay
Keyboard: Andy Connell
Guitar: Tim Cansfield
Bass: Juneroi
Drums: Chris Bailey
Percussion: Jody Linscott

Note: There are two version of this album however, they are both identical except for the cover art. Originally, the album had a graphic of Corinne's silhouette on a gold colored background. It came in a cardboard sleeve and was primarily sold directly from SOS via the web or at their concerts. The retail version or "official" release had a photo of Corinne that was taken at the Canal Room (NYC) by Peter Paradise packaged in a standard CD jewel case.

Where Our Love Grows (2004)

Universal International
CD - UICE-1080 (JPN)
CD - Unknown (Europe)
CD - 07243 4734182 3 (DE)
Released on April 28

(Originally set for March 23 2004 release)

Management Geoff Kite - Nagazhi. -

Thank You Kun Kim for running a great website.

Corinne and Andy would like to thank - Geiff Kite, Brian Carr, Kun Kim, Bill Coleman, David Millman, Jamie Spencer, Richard Bonner-Morgan, Robert Scott, Antonio Andolini, Gersende Giorgio, Celine Palavioux, Stephanine De Skyes, Jill Tattersall and Emma at Keishi.

Out Team at Universal Japan - including Kazu Koike, Hiroshi Aono, Toshio 'Cashbox' Kanehako, Atsushi Fukatami, Hideaki Yasuda, Mamoru Yasuda, Takashi Ogi, Kenji Saiki, Yukiko Takahashi and Yuko Oda All at Fuji Pacific - including Aki Morishita and Akira Tsukahara Thank you for your love and inspiration - Polly Pollock, J Page Porazzo and Edna Drewery

...and everyone who helped in the making of this album Paul would like to say thank you to - my father Michael O'Duffy (1918-2003) Belinda for putting up with me, Isabella and Amelia forgetting their dad, Allen Jacobs for all your invaluable publishing experience and Bracken the collie for always giving me a warm welcome home

Sleeve Design - Richard Bonner-Morgan
Photography - James Martin

Swing Out Sister PO BOX 3698 London N16 9NE

Corinne Drewery - Lead Vocals

Andy Connell - Piano, Fender Rhodes, Organ, Vibraphone, Fender Jazz Bass, Keyboards and Synthesizers

Paul Staveley O'Duffy - Computer Sequencing, Rhythm Percussion and all performance programming

Matt Backer - Guitar
Tim Cansfield - Guitar
Luis Jardim - Percussion
Nigel Hitchcock - Saxophone
Gina Foster - Additional Vocals
Gersende Giorgio - Additional Vocals
Corinne, Andy and Paul - Vocal Ensembl

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Paul Staveley O'Duffy

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Aurora Studios London England

With thanks to Nina at The Strongroom, Steve at Pierce, Henry at Milo

All tracks Published by Miso Music / Fuji Pacific / EMI
except track 3, Published by Miso Music / Fuji Pacific / EMI / Universal
and track 4, Published by Miso Music / Fuji Pacific / EMI / Windswept

Track 3 contains a sample of the recording "I Can See Only You"
as performed by Roger Nichols & The Small Circle of Friends.
Courtesy of A&M Records under license from Universal Music Enterprises Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Track 4 features samples from the Herbie Mann recording
"Don't Say I Didn't Tell You So".
Produced Under License From Atlantic Recording Corp.
By arrangement with Warner Strategic Marketing

Universal International, A UNIVERSAL MUSIC COMPANY
Marketed & Distributed by UNIVERSAL MUSIC K.K.

Swing Out Sister Millennium Collection (2001)

Universal / Mercury Records
CD - 314 586 425-2
CD - PHCR-1460 (JPN)
Released on October 23

(Universal/Mercury Records)
Compilation Produced by Mike Ragogna
Mastered by Elliott Federman @ SAJE Sound Studios
Editorial Assistance: Barry Korkin

Art Direction: Vartan
Design: Juan Barrio
Photo Research: Ryan Null
Photo Credits: Cover: Steve Pyke/Retna
Booklet back cover, credits page: Daniela Scaramuzza/Shooting Star
Inside booklet: Vinnie Zuffante/Star File
Inside inlay: Kate Garner/Photofest
Outside inlay: Paul Rider/Retna
Production Coordination: Monique McGuffin

Special Thanks to: Andy McKale, Richie Fallo, Kelly Martinez and Bill Pitzonka

Liner Notes:
Swing Out Sister burst onto the British mid-'80s pop scene all pluck, shine and champagne sparkle. Sporting a sleek jazz-savvy electropop-sound, they found a comfortable phonic fit alongside chart contemporaries Sade, Matt Blanco, and Everything But The Girl.

The trio was originally comprised of three musical madcaps united by a common love of Northern Soul. Keyboardist Andy Connell had been one quarter of A Certain Ratio and percussionist Martin Jackson worked the beat in Magazine. Both were well-established Manchester musicians while singer Corinne Drewery, a fashion design student and part-time model who spent a few moments in Working Week, hailed from Nottingham. They christened themselves after an obscure Billie Burke "B"-musical from the '40s because it was the only name they could agree upon - they all agreed that they hated it. Their combined credentials were impressive enough to secure a recording contract with Mercury UK, where they hooked up with producer Paul Staveley O'Duffy, who'd helmed high-gloss hits for labelmates Hipsway and Was (Not Was). O'Duffy fast made himself an indispensable member of the team, retrofitting their beloved Northern Soul for the supper-club circuit.

In a gimmicky yet impress show of faith, Swing Out Sister was awarded its own vanity prefix in the PolyGram singles numbering system, starting with the debut single "Blue Mood" (SWING 1) in May 1986. In an introductory interview with tastemaking UK glossy, The Face, Connell cheekily admitted, "At the moment, we couldn't sit down and write a hit single if we tried." This proved to be a self-fulfilling prophecy when "Blue Mode" vanished as quickly as it came.

That huge hit they'd been eluding caught up with them rather quickly. "Breakout" - their aptly titled sophomore single released in September - dished up three-and-three quarter minutes of peppy positivity and shot to #3 in the UK singles lists. In the wake of "Breakout," they began assembling their first full-length album single by single. The urgent abandon of "Surrender" surged to #7 early in 1987, and the dusky atmosphere of "Twilight World" drifted to #32 that spring. When It's Better To Travel premiered in May, it quickly topped the British chart.

British accolades don't always translate stateside success, but when "Breakout" finally arrived on American shores nearly a year after its initial release, VH-1 (then a pop-friendly 24-hour music video outlet) awarded the colorful campy clip "Nouveau Video" status, garnering weeks of heavy rotation. The single bounded to #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 and topped the Adult Contemporary chart, where "Twilight World" and "Surrender" also made significant inroads. It's Better To Travel when gold on the strength of added airplay from smooth jazz radio stations that delved deeper than the singles.

Soon after staring work on their second album, Jackson departed in pursuit of more "rock-oriented projects," according to press releases from the label. Now a duo, Drewery and Connell downplayed the more deliberately daffy elements of their act and recast themselves as '60s sophisticates. Paul O'Duffy and Connell found sonic inspiration in the softer sounds of that era: the refined songcraft of Burt Bacharach and the sumptuous film scores of John Barry. Drewery revealed herself to be sultry chanteuse - less brassy Shirley Bassey with a liberal sprinkling of Dusty Springfield for good measure. With a spirit that's more continental cafe than cocktail lounge, Kaleidoscope World stands as their definitive work. Britons were treated to the bring new sound with "You On My Mind," a colorfully orchestrated affair that hit #28 in the spring of '89. Meanwhile, the first stateside single was "Waiting Game" which returned them to the upper reaches of the Adult Contemporary chart.

When Kaleidoscope World wasn't the runaway hit it deserved to be, Drewery and Connell conceded that perhaps they were too clever for their own good - or simply that the world wasn't ready for a return of sophisticated popcraft. With newfound resolve, they returned in 1993 with Get In Touch With Yourself - a more production-driven effort on which O'Duffy dressed up their '60s sensibilities with drum loops and other technological gadgetry of the day. For the album's first single, they trundled out a jubilant cover of the Dusty Springfield/Barbara Acklin chestnut "Am I The Same Girl?" which had been a stateside smash in its original instrumental incarnation as "Soulful Strut" by Young-Holt Unlimited. Swing Out Sister bested both vocal versions chartwise, and collected a second #1 AC hit for their efforts. Get In Touch With Yourself spawned a second single in the shape of "Notgonnachange," presented here in its bright radio ready remix by O'Duffy. After beginning work on their fourth album with O'Duffy, Connell and Drewery abandoned the project to reinvent Swing Out Sister as a jazz combo. They staffed ranks with seasoned pros and took off on a tour of intimate clubs. The spirit of the experiment continued in the studio with new producer Ray Hayden for The Living Return which found them extending their customarily tight pop hooks into free-form, mini-jam sessions. The album's soul concession to commercialism was a cover of "La La Means I Love You." It was originally thrown together for the soundtrack of Four Weddings And A Funeral - which suggested the Delfonics by way of Bacharach. It even featured sly snippets of "Do You Know The Way To San Jose?" bookending the track.

Britain opted out of issuing the fifth album, Shapes And Patterns, which marked a return to form and a reunion with O'Duffy. The original version of "Better Make It Better" from the aborted sessions was included, as was the album's first single, "Somewhere In The World" - a happy harkening back to the pastel palette of Kaleidoscope World.

Ever since their "Breakout" days, Swing Out Sister have been perennially popular in Japan, where they've released specialty remix and live collection unavailable elsewhere. They have even been commissioned to write "Now You're Not Here" as the theme for a Japanese TV series. Therefore, it came as no small surprise that their sixth album, Filth & Dreams, wasn't released beyond the Asian marketplace. With O'Duffy once again at the board, the album's leadoff track "Who's Been Sleeping" was pure Swing Out Sister with a slight hip-hop edge.

While this collection offers a titillating 11 song overview of their PolyGram career, Swing Out Sister is still very much an active concern. Drewery and Connell have since started their own label, Vivo, and unfettered by the restraints of corporate policy, they released their seventh album, Somewhere Deep In The Night, in May 2001. Again, Japan gets first crack at the record, but their fans around the world will ways find a way to get their fix of Swing Out Sister's special brand of cosmopolitan cool.

Bill Pizonka
May 2001

Somewhere Deep In The Night (2001)

Universal International
CD - UICE-1010 (JPN)
CD - Unknown (UK)
Released on May 23

Swing Out Sister are;
Corinne Drewery - lead vocals
Andy Connell - piano, keyboards & synthesizers, Fender bass, vibraphone, guitar, accordion

Additional Personnel;

Paul O'Duffy - computer & rhythm programming
Tim Cansfield - guitar on 1,2,3,7
Matt Backer - guitar on 5
Anton Drewery - guitar on 13
Jody Linscott - percussion
Nigel Hitchcock - tenor saxophone
Noel Langley - trumpet, flugelhorn
Gersende Giorgio - voice on 6
Yasmin Sarkic - voice on 4
Myke Wilson - scat on 3

Additional vocals - Female - Gina Foster, Dee Lewis, Beverly Skeete, Stephanie de Sykes
Male - Andy, Paul, Tim

Vocal ensemble on 3 - Corinne, Andy, Paul, Tim, Jody, Coco Linscott, Kachina Linscott-Dechert, Kaysi Foster, Ayu Sekioka

Produced and engineered by Paul Staveley O'Duffy

All tracks published by E.M.I. except tracks 4 & 12, published by E.M.I. / Copyright Control.

Thanks to;
Kazu Koike, Toshio Kanehako, Atsushi Fukatami, Yukiko Takahashi, Ayu Sekioka, Yuko Oda and everyone at Universal Music Japan, Kenichi Eguchil, Kun Kim, Jaime Spencer, Polly Pollock, Derick Johnson, Brian Carr, Gersende Giorgio, Howard Daniels, Simon Fish, Julie Thomas, Tasmin Sarkic, Alma Caesari, members of L'Orchestre de Savoie, Nina at The Strongroom, Gelinda, Isabella and Amelia, Bennett Freed

This album was conceived and completed at Le Prarion 1860m. St-Gervais Mont-Blanc, France

Photography - James Martin
Sleeve design - Mayumi Hirooka
Management - Bennett Freed at One Love Management

We would like to dedicate the music on this album to the memory of our dear friend Kazuhiko Yanagida

There are additional liner notes in the Japanese insert. The Japanese release contained a small foldout mini-poster of the cover. The UK/World release shows a slightly revised cover.

Filth And Dreams (1999)

Mercury Music Entertainment
CD - PHCR-1015 (JPN)
Released on May 17

Many thanks to the following for their enthusiasm, inspiration & creative input (some audible, some not!) Alex Abramoff, Kazu Yanagida, Nobu Yoshinari and everyone at Mercury Music Japan, Bas Hartong, Eileen Cleary, Majorie Greenspan & all at Mercury U.S., Dixiana Rubio, Maria Pagani, Mary Edwards, Bennett Freed, Ali Wolfe, Nick Young, Scott Howland, Annie Holloway, Brian Carr, Jane Holloway, Robin Macmillan, Sue Pollock, Miriam Gottlieb, Derick Johnson, Vicki Shields, Aki Morishita, Page Porrazzo, Sally Perryman, Fran Malyan, Alan Jacobs, Pat Lucas & all at EMI Music Publishing, Massy Hayashi & all at H.I.P., Sergio Della Monica, Gigi Canu, Gerry Creamer.....hope we haven't forgotten anybody, Corinne & Andy xxxxxxxx

Sleeve designed by Yoshinori Kishi

Swing Out Sister managed by Bennett Freed at One Love
Swing Out Sister can be contacted at P.O. Box No. 3698 London N69NE
Other Notes:
Corinne Drewery: Lead vocals / Drum programming on 3
Andy Connell: Fender Jazz Bass / Hammond C3 / Paiste hi-hats / Acoustic guitar / Keyboards & synthesizers
Tim Cansfield: Electric guitar on 5 & 7
Background Vocals: Andy, Paul, Tim, Corinne
Computer programming & sequencing: Paul Stavely O'Duffy
Produced & mixed by Paul Stavely O'Duffy
Photography by James Martin

Shapes And Patterns (1997)

Fontana Records
CD - 314 534 741-2
CD - PHCR-1495 (JPN)
Released on March 7

Tim Cansfield - Guitars; Louis Jardim - Percussion, Bass Guitar; Derick Johnson - Bass Guitar on 1; Andrew Small - Drums on 1,2 & 5; Gota Yashiki - Drums, rhythm programming on 3, 8 & 9; Steve Sydelnick - Rhythm programming on 4, 6, 9 & 13; Masayoshi Furukawa - Guitar on 11; Background vocals - Berverly Skeete, Derek Green, Sylvia Manson James, Stevie Lange, George Chandler, Melody Sexton, Leon Daniels; On 1, 4, 9 & 13: Jerry Hey - Trumpet, Flugelhorn; Larry Williams - Saxophone; Bill Reichenbach - Trombone; On 3 & 6: Snake Davis - Saxophone, Flute; Steve Sidwell - Trumpet, Flugelhorn; Fayaz Virji - Trombone; On 11: Yoichi Murata - Trombone, Bass Trombone; Toshio Araki - Trumpet, Flugelhorn; Masahiro Sugaska - Trumpet, Flugelhorn; Takuo Yamamoto - Saxophone; Osamu Koike - Saxophone; Hideya Takakuwa - Flute; Vocal arrangement on 10 by Frank Campbell; Performed by Miriam Stockley, Berverly Skete & Lance Ellington; Horns arranged by Jerry Hey on 1, 4, 9, & 13; Snake Davis on 3 & 6; Yoichi Murata on 11; Strings on 2 arranged and conducted by Robyn Smith; Andy's string arrangements on 1 & 8 transcribed by Robyn Smith; Performed by the London Session

Orchestra led by Gavyn Wright
Produced and mixed by Paul Staveley O'Duffy; Engineered by Ben Darlow
Assistant Engineers: Ben Georgiades, Jon Bailey at AIR Studios; Valarie Jaquot, Ibi Tijani at Swanyard, Steve Cook at Sludderidge Studios; Scott Howland at Milo Music; Yutaka Uematsu at Burnish Stone; Tatsuya Shimokawa at Digital Solutions; Yulaka Shimoyama at JVC Victor Studios

Making it happen in the USA:
Bas Hartong - A&R; Danny Goldberg, David Leach, Dana Millman, Keri Woods, Bill Casson, Donna Fetchko, Eileen Cleary, Dawn Bridges, Jeff Brody, Lauren Murphy, Marty Maidenburg, Annette Michell, Meg Ritschel, Howard Paar, Jana Fleishman, Sage Robinson, Jay Durgan, Margery Greenspan, Kris Yiengst & all at Mercury Records
Ed Eckstine, John Marx, Joel Roman, Jackie Perriman, Leslie Lewis, Bill Coleman, Pat Lucas
Thank you for your time, wine and golden dust...
Alex Abramoff, Kazu Yanagida, Vanessa De Fabrega and all of our Mercury Music Family
Sally Perriman, Peter Reichart, Aki Page, Nao & All at E.M.I. Publishing
Keep On Keeping The Faith!
Massy Hayashi & All At H.I.P.

Home Boys and Girls:
Polly, Annie Holloway, Brian Carr, Sarah Vaughn, Alma Caesari, Steve Chapman, Stuart James, Favin Gladsmuir, John Lapwig, Uhity Winston, Andrew Brodesbury, John Vineyard, Marcus Avebury; Chris & Guy at Promus
Management: Bennett Freed at One Love
Design & Digital Illustration: P.R. Brown @ Bau-Da Design Lab NYC; Photography: Dah-Len; Additional Coney Island Photography: Paul E. Swanson @ Bau-Da Design Lab; Hair and Make-up l Jimmy Paul for Garren at Henri Bendel; Styling: Danny Santiago

S.O.S. - P.O. Box
London 3698 N16 9NE

Somewhere in the World
Someone's thinking of You...

Swing Out Sister's world is one of harmonic sophistication--where whimsy and sensuality join together in an aural playground.
It's her effortless scatting of hot, poetic phrases without breaking a sweat, teasingly changing key against her counterparts' reticular vocalese. It's his feverishly funky climb up the scales.

For their brilliant filth release, Shapes And Patterns, singer-songwriter Corinne Drewery and keyboardist-arranger Andy Connell are shimmying, clapping and grooving their way up the musical timeline, turning on a moment to retrace the essential nuances that lay between chapters of social change and upheaval.

They are children of the sixties, balancing the youthful enthusiasm of Sesame Street with the maturity of a revolutionary movement, channeling through the multicultural conduits of that era: Listen closely to influences such as The Fifth Dimension, Minnie Ripperton & Rotary Connection and The Jackson Five. They blend soulful, joyous sounds with unwitting personal politics, promoting consonant liberation through their music. They even plucked the stream-of-consciousness consortium, "Stone Soul Picnic" from the urban-pop songbook of wonderkind Laura Nyro as a tribute. Having as much social relevance today as it did then, "Picnic" is a reminder that despite our differences, we often share a common goal towards love and understanding. There's no doubt their single "We Can Make It Happen" will have the same in twenty years from now.

The dreamlike theme which flourishes through the album like a cinematic interlude -- a romantic intermission of sorts -- is ear candy. This lyrical and melodic departure from their previous catalogue of emotionally complex material deftly explores the essence of day-to-day living to provide the soundtrack of our lives.

With arrangements ranging from lucid to bouncy, Shapes And Patterns is a profoundly evocative mix of sharp, orbitally orchestral sequences, rhythmically sensual ballads, and heavens-parting contrapuntal voicing as demonstrated on such tracks as "Somewhere In the World," "Now You're Not Here," "Something Out Of This World," and "Always," a gloriously buoyant tune.

Revisiting the lush string arrangements and Latin rhythms married by striking time signature changes--made familiar by such greats by Burt Bacharach, Jimmy Webb and John Barry--the duo integrate the sound of yesterday with the technology of today on the aptly titled "Here and Now."

Rounded off by an equivocally passionate band--Cansfield on guitar, Louis Jardim on percussion, Derick Johnson on Bass, Andrew Small and Gota Yashiki on drums -- Swing Out Sister created a spontaneous party-like atmosphere and a feeling of togetherness. The redux of their funk hit, "Better Make It Better" has an earthiness about it. Everyone in the studio -- from the indelibly holy Frank Campbell right down to the engineer -- participated in a session. Above the handclaps, the laughter, and the ad libs, you can hear the rich backing vocals of Beverly Skeete, Derek Green, Sylvia Mason James, Stevie Lange, George Chandler, Melody Sexton, Lance Ellington, Mirlam Stockley and Leon Daniels warmly nestle into the rhythm and brass sections. Akin to the multicultural concept, there are may textures and colors on this album that make up the fabric which comprise their signature sound.

If you were once unfamiliar with Swing Out Sister, let Shapes and Patterns be your introduction to the force responsible for sending chills up your spine, a longing in your heart, and the determined bellow you shout from the deepest echelons of your soul. And now for your listening pleasure...

Mary Edwards April 1997

The Big Elsewhere (1996)

CD - PHCR-3051 (JPN)
Released on November 24

Produced by Paul Staveley O'Duffy
Mercury Music Entertainment Co. Ltd / A Polygram Company
© 1996 Mercury Music Entertainment Co., Ltd
© 1996 Mercury Records

Musicians are:
Vocals - Corinne Drewery
Keyboards - Andy Connell
Trumpets - Toshio Araki, Masahiro Sugasaka
Trombone and Bass Trombone - Yoichi Murata
Tenor and Baritone Sax - Takuo Yamaamoto, Osamu Koike
Flute - Hideya Takakuwa
Backing vocals - Melody Sexton, Leon Daniels
Guitars - Masayoshi Furukawa
Drums - Masaharu Ishikawa

Produced and Engineered by Paul Staveley O'Duffy
Horn Arrangement by Yoichi Murata
Assistants - Yutaka Uematsu (Burnish Stone Studios), Tatsuya Shimokawa (Digital Solutions), Yutaka Shimoyama (Victor Entertainment, Inc.)
Recorded at Burnish Stone Studios, JVC Studios, Tokyu Fun Studios in May 1996, Tokyo, Japan
Recording Co-ordinator - Kenji Sakai (CMC Inc.)

"The Big Elsewhere" concept by Swing Out Sister
Dream Text by Kenichi Egichi
Watercolour by Corinne Drewery
Photos taken from video clip of "Now You're Not Here"
Directed by Sonia Phillips
Art Direction and Design by Eisaku Ono (NANA)

Management: Bennett Freed for One Love Management

Yoichi Murata (Solid Bass) appears courtesy of JVC Records

To everyone at Mercury Records; a big thank you!

"38.3" she says, as she takes the thermometer from underneath the tongue. The sterile taste lingers in my mouth. She then reaches for the globe, accumulating some dust of months, and spins it before me. "38.3" she repeats in a deadpan voice like a roulette dealer from Atlantic City (her name would have to be Marge). "See, if it's the northern hem, you got Lisboa, Palermo, Athens and da-li-da." She then spins it in reverse. "And to the south, you got nothing, and nothing and...ho, Buenos Aires. Isn't that something? After nothing but water, what you finally get is some nice air...That calls for a pup snack, don't you think?" and adorns a knowing grin to this unexpected discovery. "Now, what you need to do, buster, is to haul yourself back down to the 36.5 zone, where the aires is much bueno. So's you got Taingier, Algier and then Frisco..." she says, not even realizing she'd just sidestepped the whole of Asia.

So that's what I do. I give in to her lips of command, reclining myself into a deep, deep siesta, and feeling her breath on the pillow beside me, and the cold towel she put on my forehead.

I lay there spinning the globe left to right, tracing the fingerprints in the dusty layer. Though, now that I've reached the 36.5 lateral, I see no on waiting for me. All I see is water, and nothing but. I call out and all I get is my own echo.

Suddenly, a steller's jay embracing porcupine flutters from out of nowhere. Her wings are pierced and bleeding by the other's spines. Her voice is hoarse from weeping. " How much I adored you, and longed to hold you; to feel the soft belly underneath those needles of yours. If this was how it was going to be...., I should have just held you, once and for all, feeling you closer, in the spread of my wings "

They then disappeared underneath the thick layer of clouds.

Just then, I feel someone breathing beside me, and I see a swirl of mulberry hair. I guess I'm at the 36.5 lateral, and ready to hold her, for once, in my arms.

Text by Kenichi Eguchi

The Best Of Swing Out Sister (1996)

Fontana Records
CD - 532471-2 (UK)
CD - PHCR-1410 (JPN)
Released on February 25

This compilation P 1996 Polygram International Music B.V

Publisher in:
(1,4,5,7,8,13,14,15) 10 Music Ltd.
(2) EMI United Partnership Ltd.
(3) 10 Music Ltd. / Copyright Control
(6) Warner Chappell Music Ltd.
(9, 11) EMI / Virgin Music Publishing
(10) EMI Music Publishing
(12) 10 Music Ltd. / Virgin Music (Publishing) Ltd.
(16) SEK United Partnership Ltd.

Produced by:
(1,2,3,4,5,7,8,12,14,15) Paul Staveley O'Duffy
(6,13) Swing Out Sister
(9,11) Ray Hayden for Opaz Productions and Co-Produced by Swing Out Sister
(10) Denzil Foster and Thomas McElroy / Additional production and remixing by Swing Out Sister
(16) Recorded absolutely Live. Engineer Mark Oliver

The Living Return (1994)

Mercury Records
LP - 522 650-1
Tape - 522 650-4
CD - 522 650-2 (US)
CD - 522 691-2 (UK)
Released on September 13

*UK version was available as a two CD set which contained "The Living Return" as well as a 6 track bonus CD of "Live At The Jazz Cafe."

Produced by Ray Hayden for Opaz Productions
Co-produced by Swing Out Sister
Recorded at Opaz Studios

"La La (Means I Love You)" Produced by Swing Out Sister; Recorded and mixed by Mark McGuire at the Strongroom; Mixed at the Strongroom.

Additional mixing at Metropolis Studios
Mix engineer Mark McGuire; Assisted by Like Gifford (Strongroom)
Jamie Cullam (Metropolis);
Programming by Danny Gluckstein

All tracks written and arranged by Andy Connell and Corinne Drewery
Except 5, 10 & 12 written by Connell/Drewery/Johnson/Cansfield
7 written by Bell/Hart
11b written by Drewery/Connell/White/Moreira/Werneck/Reis/Wonder/Moy/Cosby/Lins/Martins/De Oliveire/Hancock/Maupin Burick

All tracks published by EMO Virgin Music Publishing except 5, 10 & 12 published by EMI Virgin Music Publishing/Copyright Control
7 published by Warner Chappell Music Ltd.
11b published by EMI Virgin Music Publishing/EMI Songs Ltd./BMG Music Ltd./Brampton Music Int./Black Bull Music/Jobette Music Co. Inc./Warner Chappell Music Ltd./Hancock Music Co.

Thanks to:
Stuart James, Sue Pollock, James Martin, Rick Guest, Tish Black,
Malcom Beckford, Conrad Blane, Vince Ward, The Sons of Samarkand,
Patrick Forge, The Voodoo Lounge, Melissa's Diner, Sara Vaughn, Ray Hayden/
Shamin Naronha/Sue Naronha at Opaz, Alisdair Johnson/Andy Houston/
Emma Pearson/Richard Botte at Strongroom
Brian Carr
All At Phonogram/Mercury UK
All at Polygram/Mercury US
Chris Simpson and all at Roland UK
Ed/Ian/Stephen and Paul at Richochet
Bennett and Liz at One Love

Corinne Drewery Lead Vocals
Andy Connell Keyboards

Derick Johnson Bass Guitar
Myke Wilson Drums (Timbale solo on 11b)
Tim Cansfield Guitars
Chris Manis Percussion
John Thirkell Trumpet & Flugelhorn
Gary Plumley Saxophone & Flute
Richard Edwards Trombone
Erica Harrold/Additional Vocals
Sylvia Mason-James/Additional Vocals
Derek Green Additonal Vocals
Matt Backer Guitar on 7

Urban gypsies, techno-realists, system survivors and soul detectors, Swing Out Sister spent the best part of the eighties perfecting quintessential British pop, in hit songs which earned them acclaim all over the world.
Now, following three studio oriented albums, "It's Better To Travel", "Kaleidoscope World" and "Get In Touch With Yourself", Swing Out Sister's Andy Connell and Corinne Drewery have moved towards a more fluid sound, a band-oriented sound which sashays and sways with delicate rhythms...a new sound which manages to capture the band's triumphant live feel without relinquishing their fine pop sensibility and high production values.

Their brilliant new LP "The Living Return" is something of a radical departure in as much as it acknowledges their latent jazz tenancies, a penchant that can be heard on everything they've recorded from "Blue Mood", "Surrender", and "Where In the World" right through to "Get In Touch With Yourself" and "Am I the Same Girl". This has added a new dimension to the already multi-faceted Swing Out Sister sound. The tunes are still there too, and "Feel Free" and "Making the Right Move" - two songs from the new LP - are without a doubt the finest things the band have ever recorded - haunting, lyrical, and quite, quite uplifting.

On stage, the band have always excelled at creating a unique blend of pop, soul and jazz, and last year decided to commit their live sound - which has been honed on a hundred states from Manhattan to Osaka - to disc. Whilst mid-tour with their band, consisting of Myke Wilson (ex Jazz Defektors) on drums, Derick Johnson (ex 52nd Street) on bass, Tim Cansfield (honorary Calypsonian) on guitar, Latin-esque percussionist Christ Manis (Pa'lante) soaring vocalists Sylvie Mason-James, Erica Harodl and Derek Green, and their brass section - John Thirkell on Trumpet, Gary Plumley on saxophone and Richard Edwards on trombone - they recorded several gigs resulting in the album "Live at the Jazz Café". Only released in Japan, but nevertheless confirming that Swing Out Sister had a wealth of unexploited talents in the field of live performance and arrangement, they decided to pursue this raw and live route with "The Living Return". With new songs like "Better Make It Better", "Don't Let Yourself Down", "Stop and Think It Over" along with the aforementioned "Feel Free" and "Making the Right Move", the band have proved beyond all doubt that it's possible to add warmth and depth to studio recordings without losing spontaneity.

Swing Out Sister's jazz-tinged pop is the missing link between Francis Lai and Curits Mayfield, between Martin Denny and Gil Scott Heron, between Earth Wind and Fire and Tania Maria, between the Ohio Players and Burt is, of course, something quite unique, something hard to pin down.

But then to paraphrase the late, great Louis Armstrong, if you have to ask what Swing Out Sister is, you'll never know.


Live At The Jazz Cafe (1993)

CD - PRCD-1192
Released on March 23

Producer: Swing Out Sister
Recorded and mixed by Ian Horne
Assisted by George Stodoinick at E-Zee Studios
Recorded December 1992
All tracks published by 10 Music/EMI Virgin Music Publishers except 7 published by Warner Chappell Music and 10 published by 10 Music/Virgin Music Publishers/MCA Music/Famous Chappell; P 1993 Phonogram Ltd. (London)

Liner notes written by Yuko Takano
(Translated by Makiko Soshi)

Swing Out Sister was originally started as a band which played mainly in studios without performing live. It seems there has been a big change in their way of finding pleasure in music as well as their attitude towards music through their past three albums. We can tell from this live album that live acts became one of their most important factors in their music activity which they can really enjoy themselves.

This album was recorded at The Jazz Cafe in London, the end of last year 1992. It was about two years ago when they were attracted by the pleasure of performing live during their world tour after releasing "Kaleidoscope World". They performed 5 times in the U.K., 7 times in Japan, and also in the Philippines.

S.O.S. was organized in late 80's by Andy Connell, the former member of "A Certain Ratio," Martin Jackson, the former member of "Magazine" and Corrine Drewery joined them as a singer. Andy and Martin didn't have like the idea of performing live because they were sick of tours they had in their former careers. Corrine, on the other hand, dreamed about wild kind of tour that might come true one day in the future without knowing their intention. It was right after their release of "Get in touch of Yourself" when they told me about this episode on their different points of view about live at that time. They also told me how much they enjoyed the performances they did in '90.

Andy and Corrine had to reorganize their band for live performances after Martin left in '90, but it turned out to be an exciting experience. Even though it was a short period the tour started from London and ended in the Philippines. "It was like three long months for them," they said. It was not because they were fed up with the tour, but because they experienced so many precious things through this tour and it was exciting enough to change their point of view about live acts.

There is an interesting story about their first live performance in the Philippines. There were not many foreign artists who have performed in the Philippines because of the unstable political situation at that time. Naturally, their performances were extremely popular, so their venue had to be a big baseball stadium. There were many scalpers around the stadium. When S.O.S. arrived there, one of these people tried to sell tickets to them saying "It is going to be a brilliant performance!"

And of course, it was the performances in Japan that they most enjoyed among the tour schedule. This live album is proof of it. It is specially recorded only for fans in Japan and it can not be purchased in other countries so far. Luckily, I managed to see this live performance. The Jazz Cafe is located in Camden Town, London which is known as a town of young culture. It was opened about two years ago, now known as a live venue especially for jazz. It has a comfortable bar and a rather small space for performances.

Audiences can enjoy meals and shows also from the 2nd and 3rd floors. The capacity of this small cozy space is likely no more than 100 people, but it has friendly atmosphere in it. It's the place for people who are seeking for groove and who want to enjoy music; feel the vibes. I could see some Japanese audiences in there too. Corrine and Andy appeared from backstage on the 2nd floor, walking down on the stairs to the stage.

It started naturally as if they were checking the sound or jamming. The member was made of ten musicians, Corrine, Andy, Juneroy Johnson on bass, Myke Wilson on drums, Tim Cansfield on guitar, John Thirkell on Trumpet, Gary Piumbly on saxophones, Chris Manis on percussion, Sylvia and Erica on additional vocals. Corrine appeared on the stage last, wearing black T-shirt with full length skirt made of leather, and a big silver pendant with a charm on her chest. I think the reason why they became so popular in Japan is not only because of their music but also her beautiful appearance with stylish fashion.

Performance started with "Get in Touch With Yourself" which has nice groove of medium tempo of the '70's . I believe this comfortable medium tempo is one of the elements which make their sound attractive, neither smashing beats nor pushing melody too much in front. It tempts the audience into the groove.

Gary's flute and Tim's guitar specially his solo part are much more featured in comparison to the original track. This arrangement added a thrilling taste to the song. Another distinctive point was that they seemed to respect spacious sounds which were created by each musicians on stage. I could tell it from not only from this song, but also from whole act that they have rehearsed repeatedly so that they could concentrate on their performance and enjoy themselves as a "group." And this idea was becoming clearer and clearer as the show went by. You can feel their confidence in "You On My Mind," and you can listen to the different version of "Surrender" which they rearranged the rhythm section. It was a classical pop song when it first came out as a single, but they added a laid back jazzy flavor to this familiar song. It turned to be a more sophisticated sound like fusion.

Most of the songs they played in this live are from their brand new album, but even some of their old songs were rearranged freshly to go with it. It sounds that those arranges are influenced by particular quality and atmosphere which recognized in R&B and Jazz in seventies. It is remarkable in "Everyday Crime" especially in the sound of guitar, backing vocals, and keyboard. Corrine's vocals match to the sound comfortably and perfectly. I don't like the type of vocalists who shows off their voice too proudly. I prefer vocalists who create an atmosphere, who can control their voice elastically sound to sound depending its instrumentation. Corrine is the vocalist of this type. She sings "Twilight world" with scat. Where has that vocalist gone who had an unstable voice about three years ago? Now she has confidence and she is creating her own style.

Even though "A Certain Ratio" is never going to be popular (and never has been), this band from Manchester has been my favorite for a long time. This group started its career in '77 (in the era of punk rock) and they have been playing a kind of instant session of funk and Latin music with percussion earlier than any other bands. Of course, Andy pours his enthusiasm for percussion into S.O.S. too. In my opinion, the sound of "A Certain Ratio" and S.O.S. still shares the same basis. I can tell it especially from a song like "Circulate." Andy plays in his fortress made by some keyboards, looking out over the stage conducting the other nine members with his eyes. His face was brightened and showed an expression of happiness when audience reacted strongly to the grooving sound with percussion.

"Am I the Same Girl" is a rare cover song among their original songs. They said that Corrine and Andy have been traveling between London and Manchester these couple of years, and this is one of those songs which was played often by a club DJ in Manchester, the club they visited many times last year. The song was a smash hit of the '60's and Corrine said this song brings her memories of her youthful days back (She was a student of junior high when she often went clubs). You may have noticed the sweet reggae melody with Rastafarian rap which was done by Jeneroy (Bass). He's from Manchester where black people are seldom seen and he added a unique and vivid color to the stage. Half the members of this band are also joined the album "Get In Touch With Yourself." Each one of them has unique character at sight and plays in their original styles, neither rock nor jazz. Juneroy and Myke exchanged their instruments (bass and drums) when they played "Circulate" and I enjoyed it very much.

Their first hit single "Breakout" then a new single "Notgonnachange" and the performance ended with a Medley. This performance was originally planned with the purpose of recording for Japanese releases, but audiences were all locals. Without exception, it seemed that each audience enjoyed the excitement in a friendly atmosphere of this show.

Swing Out Singles (1992)

Fontana, Nippon Phonogram Co. LTD
CD - PHCD-1182 (JPN)
Released on October 7

Japanese translation is required.

Get In Touch With Yourself (1992)

Fontana Records
Tape - 512 241-2 (US)
CD - 512 241-1 (US)
CD - 522 619-2 (UK)
Released on June 23

All tracks produced and mixed by Paul Staveley O'Duffy
Recording engineer: Lee Curle Mixing engineer: Ren Swan
Except 11 produced by Swing Out Sister and Stuart James

Additional personnel: Tim Cansfield guitars; Louis Jardin percussion; Beverly Skeete and Erica Harrold backing vocals Derrick Johnson bass guitar on 4 and 6 wah wah bass on 11 Snake Davis sax/flute; Gary Barnacle sax/flute; John Thirkell trumpet/flugel horn; Noel Langley trumpet/flugel horn; Vince Sullivan trombone; John Thrikell trumpet solo on 7; Nigel Hitchcock sax solo on 1; Chris Manis percussion on 11; Derrick Johnson and Myke Wilson vocal asides on 2; Andy, Derrick Johnson, Mike Wilson, Gordon Ellington and Rodney Masen shouts on 7; Orchestra on 4 and 8 arranged and conducted by Will Malone; orchestra leader Gavyn Wright;
All musical arrangements by Andy, Corinne and Paul unless otherwise specified.

All computer and rhythm programming by Simon Duffy; additional programming on 7 by Max Hochrad; Assistant engineers: Richard Lowe, Heidi Cannavo, Ronan Jal and Rick Simpson; recorded at Swanyard. Mayfair, Hit Factory; Mixed at Sarm West except 11 recorded at Kings, Suite 16 mixed at Suite 16.

Thank you Chris O'Donnell, Chris Morrison, Sharon Addison and all at M/O'd Management; Bennet Freed and all at Foot Unlimited; All at Phonogram and Polygram Worldwide; All at Virgin Music; All at Roland UK; Jamie Spencer, Derrick Johnson, Myke Wilson, Stuart James, Lola Jackman, Alma Caesari, Nick Angel; For Further information contack (UK) Morrison/O'Donnell Management - Unit 32 Ransomes Dock 35/37 Parkgate Road, London SW11; (US) Loot Unlimited 151 South Orange Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90036; Fan Club- Jan and Andrew Bremmer Undercover Dixies, High Street Ashwell Herts SG7 5NT; Laurence Dunmore - design and art direction; Enrique Badulescu-Photography

*There is a discrepancy with track 12. It has a listed track time of 5:52, but the US release of this disc has an actual time of 5:02

Remixes And Others (1991)

Fontana, Nippon Phonogram Co. LTD
CD - PHCR-3161 (JPN), PHCR-3162 (JPN), PHCR-3163 (JPN), PHCR-3164 (JPN)
Released on June 16

The above track list is for the "Remixes and Others" disc.
* Remixed by Paul Staveley O'Duffy
** Remixed by Michael Huchinson
*** Taxi Town (track 15) is on the boxed set of Kaleidoscope World

Japanese release only; 4 CD box set released for Nippon Phonogram's 20th anniversary; Features the first 2 full length CDs, Another Non-Stop Sister (Remixes and Non-LP) CD, plus a bonus "Remix & Others" CD only available in this box set. Also contains a 66 page booklet with lyrics and many color photos; also included: a special picture sleeved small box.

This box set contains the following CDs: It's Better To Travel, Kaleidoscope World, Another Non-Stop Sister, Remixes and Others
This box set is no longer in print.

Swing3 (1990)

Fontana Records
CD - PPD-1111 (JPN)
Released on February 5

Tracks (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9) Produced by Paul Staveley O'Duffy
Track (8) Produced by SOS and Paul Machiavelli (1985)
Track (10) Produced by Swing Out Sister (1987)
P (8) 1985, (1,3,4) 1986, 2,6,7,9,10) 1987, (5) 1989 Phonogram Ltd. (London)

Japanese liner notes requires translation

Another Non-Stop Sister (1989)

Mercury Records
CD - PPD-1031 (JPN)
Released on May 25

* Remixed by Paul Staveley O'Duffy
** Remixed by Michael Huchinson
*** Trumpet by Guy Barker

Japanese translation is required.

Kaleidoscope World (1989)

Fontana Records
LP - 838 293-1
Cassette - 838 293-4
CD - 838 293-2
Released on April 9

Swing Out Sister are Corinne Drewery & Andy Connell
All tracks produced and engineered by Paul Staveley O'Duffy except for Coney Island Man - produced by Swing Out Sister and engineered by Stuart James

All synthesizer and computer programming - Martyn Phillips
Additional engineering - Howard Bernstein at Lillie Yard; Roland Herrington at Master Rock; Richard Edwards at Sam West

All songs published by Virgin Songs, Inc (BMI)
Except "You On My Mind" by Virgin Songs, Inc. (BMI)/Copyright Control
Photography by Mark Bayley
Sleeve design by Johnson/Panas
Our thanks to Jimmy Webb for is invaluable contribution to this album
Special thanks to Martin Jackson

Also thanks to:
Matthew Sztumpf; Jamie Spencer; Cathy Cornford; Nick Angel; Rick Hunt and all at Phonograpm and Polygram Worldwide; Brian Carr; Bruce Kirkland; and all at 2nd Vision; Kaz Utsunomiya and all at Virgin Music; Martyn Phillips; Alma Caesari; Stuart James; Johnny & Angie; Vini; John Robinson; Helen Woodward; Pete Frith; Phil Da Costa; Michael J. Ade

For further information contact: Sterling Artistes Management
132 Liverpool Road, London N1 1LA
Album Notes:
Swing Out Sister: Corinne Drewery (vocals) and Andrew Connell (keyboards, programming)

Additional personnel: Phil Palmer, Tim Cantsfield (guitars), Jerry Hey (trumpets, horns), Phil Todd, Jamie Talbot, Dan Higgins, Dave Bishop, Chris Davis (saxophones), Gary Grant, Simon Gardner, John Barclay (trumpets), Guy Barker (trumpets, flugelhorn), Pete Beachill, Bill Reichenbach (trombones), Frank Ricotti (vibraphones, glockenspiel, percussion), Chris Whitten (drums), Jess Bailey, Paul O'Duffy, Martin Jackson (programming), Luis Jardim (percussion), Dee Lewis, Nat Augustin, Clare Torrey, Chyna, Derek Green, Stephanie De Sykes (background vocals).
Orchestra conducted by Jimmy Webb
Additional engineering: Howard Bernstien, Roland Herrington, Richard Edwards
All songs written by Connell/Drewery except "You On My Mind" (Connell/Drewery/O'Duffy), "Tainted" and "Between Strangers" (Connell/Drewery)

It’s Better To Travel (1987)

Mercury Records
LP - 1 832 213-1 / Cassette - 1 832 213-4 / CD - 832 213-2 Q-1
Released on May 11

*Remixed by Paul Staveley O'Duffy

Produced by Paul Staveley O'Duffy
Designed & art directed by
Drawings of Swing Out Sister by Shari Peacock
Photography by David McIntyre
Tracks 1. 4. & 5. P 1986
Tracks 2. 3. 6. 7. 8. & 9. P 1987 Phonogram Ltd. (London)
All songs written by Swing Out Sister

© 1987 Phonogram Limited (London)
Management: Matthew Sztumpf for Stirling Artistes Mgmt
132 Liverpool Road, London N1 1LA

Recorded between 1985-1987

The title, it's better to travel, is from the famous quote - "It's better to travel hopefully than to arrive," a paraphrase of Robert Louis Stevenson's: "To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive, and the true success is to labor."
SPARS Code Note: While the disc indicates AAD, the sleeve is marked ADD.

...And Why Not? Video Collection
VHS / 10" Laserdisc / VCD/ NTSC
Running Time: 17 minutes
Distributor: Polygram Music Video
Videos: Breakout / Surrender / Twilight World / Fooled By A Smile Serial Number: 080 197-3 (VHS)
This video is out of print