September 3rd, 2011. 10pm. Lights went out. The band starts entering the stage. Tim Cansfield triggers the applause. The audience cheers. Andy enters the stage. Corinne enters the stage too. The show starts. Unbelievable sound quality. The whole band plays as a tight unit, each member communicating with the use of telepathy. Corinne says a few words in Portuguese (and we understood!) . After so many years, fans from this beloved band finally had a chance to taste S.O.S. live. Some questions came in to my mind: Are they even thinking about releasing a live DVD? We fans from around the world would love to have a treasure item like this. How can we get a copy of the "Private View" CD? At last, thanks a lot to Andy, Corinne and the entire band. It was a night to be remembered forever. A message to Jody: I have a VHS from David Gilmour and also a DVD from Mike Oldfield. You are on the road for quite some time and have a gorgeous smile.