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Thread: News! and iTunes videos?

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    News! and iTunes videos?

    So, it's 2012.

    It's time for a change.

    There will be changes coming (hopefully they won't be too painful) but it's necessary. A lot of server work and a potential migration to a forum software is in the works! I won't promise that there won't be disruptions but they'll hopefully be worth it!

    And if you haven't seen yet, Swing Out Sister has created apps for both Android and iOS so get them now! Scan the QR code on the hope page or find it in the Android Market or App Store!!

    Lastly, rumor has it that there will be a compilation of videos from 87-93 in the works on iTunes to commemorate Swing Out Sister's 25th anniversary!

    More coming soon...way more...

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    Yeay. Can't wait for iTunes US stores to sell the videos too.'s always better to travel.....

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