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    Hello, S.O.S. fans around the world. What about asking Andy and Corinne to release "Private View" as a CD? I lost the chance of downloading it through the Internet and I would love to have it in my extensive (and now autographed) collection of S.O.S. CD's.
    Best regards to all Swing Out Sister fans around the world.

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    But not in the USA. The music companies all complain about file sharing but there's no reason that this couldn't be a high quality digital download that can be available to anyone on the planet who wants to pay money for it. I just don't understand a business plan where a customer wants to give a company money and they say ''no thanks.'' I live in the States and wanted the new Richard Hawley album. No parallel US release when it came out so I ordered it from Amazon UK because I want to support the artist. They had mp3 download there, too. Same thing. We don't want your money. There's finally a US release slated months after the UK but this sort of thing is absurd.

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    When I first got "Get In Touch With Yourself" back in the early 90's, I heard it and it was awful. Not the Swing Out Sister I loved, the Swing Out Sister I wanted or the Swing Out Sister I knew but it finally clicked and it's a great album. "Shapes and Patterns" was a big surprise. I didn't know about it and I stood in the shop for a moment with the disc in my hand to convince myself that it was new Swing Out Sister. I put the CD on and from the first note, the first beat, I was in almost unbearable agony. Unbearable agony because the human face is not meant to stretch that far. I had the most humongous grin on my face. It was an album that got me from the start.

    Today I was given a copy of "Private View" as a birthday present, which I asked for. That humongous grin I had on my face when I first heard "Shapes and Patterns" was nothing compared to earlier today when I first heard "Private View". It is an absolutely wonderful album. Simply beautiful new arrangements of some of my favourite Swing Out Sister songs. The only thing that could make this even better is if Swing Out Sister would do us the honour of touring Australia, especially Sydney. To paraphrase the film "Field Of Dreams".......Is this heaven? In the film the reply is "No. It's Iowa", but here the answer is "Yes, it's Swing Out Sister".
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